Ski Alpinism & Paraglide Swiss Alps

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    Hi Steve, here is the story you ask me to post.
    Well we bought the training book at the Patagonia shop in Buenos Aires, very happy because after Mark Twight’s Extreme Alpinism, for us many years went by without a reference.
    So, did the first year of training before Juan Pablo had to go back again and work as a ski instructor in Haute Nendaz, Switzerland.
    Just before the snow was compact and safe for the freeride community, JP had already solved 3 classical north faces in solo and finished landing at the chalet in a paraglide fly home.
    Thank you for the great work. Pictures available in our Instagram gotama.eye
    PS. a couple of weeks before he left Argentina, he broke the ligaments in a solo flight lift off, but continued very discipline training and got a Donjoy knee brace. Excellent!
    Injuries Must Not stop you from the long term goals, they are part of the summit.

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