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Sick stay in bed or go for it?

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    Richard Coburn

    Curious what others do when sick? Do you binge Netflix and sleep as much as possible? Or do you train? If you train do u just cut back?

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    Cory from Wisconsin on #72755

    Depends on how sick 😉

    If it’s the start of a cold I load up on some zicam and vitamin c supplements as soon as I feel it coming on and keep working through it. If it’s bad enough that I feel the need to stay in bed then I’ll keep up on the supplements, but rest up and hope I’m only down for a day or two. Hydration is helpful too.

    The worst is needing rest, pushing through and then losing a week because I didn’t listen to my body.

    Anonymous on #72756

    I rest. To many times I have relapsed or prolonged the issue 🙁

    Saadia Sharjeel on #72762

    I rest completely.

    Melanie Hunter on #72765

    Same here-total rest. I caught a cold 3 weeks into this training plan and it really took a full two weeks before I felt back to normal. This first week I didn’t train at all, the second I went for a couple of easy dog walk/hikes with no weight.

    Anonymous on #72767

    Once youre feeling better and returning to semi normal training I tend to start with Zone 1 type aerobic work and shorter durations until I get a bit of a feel about my energy and recovery capacity. Don’t light straight into a ME workout or a long day trying to make up for “lost time”

    Richard Coburn on #72769

    Thanks that was my second question. I hate getting sick.

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