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    Hi !
    I created a topic recently with the project of racing my first ultra in july.
    Finally, it wont be possible because I will have to run the french short trail championship.

    The qualifying race will Take place on february, it will be relatively flat 25k 500m élévation. I have 9 weeks to prepare. I’m a triathlete, so I also swim (2*week, 3-5km) and bike (1 indoor, and 2 xc ski actually with the snow)

    I plan to keep going with base for 2weeks.
    I do 1 indoor muscular endurance described in the Book and one sprint uphill workout. On the bike it’s one tempo indoor, a short xc ski (1h), and a longer one easy (2-3h).

    Then, it will give me 6 weeks to work on specific training.
    I plan to run 1 Z4 workout uphill (ex 20*30/30, 6*4′, 3*8min) and a z3 flat (30-40min in hr z3).
    Rest of the week easy training and long run.
    One the bike I could do a Z4 workout instead of the tempo, ans keep the short and longer one easy.

    Does it seems good ?
    The french championship will be in april, so After february i will work on base again and then incorparating similar schedule

    Thanks a lot

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