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    Hi –

    Parts of this topic have been covered elsewhere, but I haven’t found a full answer. If I missed something, I apologize.

    A metabolic test last week showed my AeT (50/50 fat/carbs or RER 0.85) as 138. My AnT was 153 (100% carbs/ RER 1.0).

    I’m wondering where to set my zones. Any help? I’m using Training Peaks, but I get wildly different values depending on which calculator I use. In particular, I’d really like to know where to set the zone 1/2 boundary, as I’m focusing on building base for the next few weeks.

    I’m 55, and work on skis during the winter (backcountry touring), with running or nordic skiing as secondary training modes.

    Thank you.

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    Anonymous on #14532

    Create your own zones on TP. Don’t use their calcs. Set top of Z2 at 138. Top of Z1 at 125. Top of Z3 at 153. Z4 is any extended (>2-3min) time above 153. Z5 is just as hard as you can go for 30-45 sec and no HR needed. You’ll do very little of that while touring.

    Hope that helps,

    blase.reardon on #14537

    So I don’t have to figure out where Z 2C and 3F start? or why the 7th zone is 5B? Great. Thanks.

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