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    Danielle Grundey

    I cannot run due to knee problems, so I will either be hiking outdoors or if I am indoors I will chose to use the treadmill at up to a 15% incline. While utilizing the treadmill, is it more appropriate to select “walk” or “hike” as my activity on my watch. I am using a Garmin Venu 2S. Thanks in advance!

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    MarkPostle on #59213

    Patrice- I have a slightly different Garmin but the “hike” mode works well for me for that kind of activity. In TrainingPeaks you can always change the mode as well as add/change the data fields if you would like to see other ones.

    Nate Emerson on #59231

    When athletes train indoors, I encourage them to use “treadmill”, “cardio” or a similar indoor activity. It’s fine to use “hike”, “Walk”, or “Run”, but the watch will try to use GPS with those activities. This will give you some incorrect data in TrainingPeaks (vertical gain, pace, etc). If you use the indoor-oriented activities, you won’t accidentally use the metrics than automatically populate in TrainingPeaks for an outdoor activity.

    Regardless of the activity, if you’re training inside and want to track mileage and vertical gain, you will have to manually enter these data fields after you complete your activity. A lot of athletes just make a habit of snapping a picture of the treadmill screen when they complete the activity and refer to the photo later.

    Danielle Grundey on #59239

    Thanks for all the feedback. I selected “treadmill” when I did my Aerobic Heart Rate Test and I found that the pace/distance was incorrect. The next time I did the treadmill, I selected “Walk Indoor” and still felt like I was getting incorrect data. I don’t want my data to be off right out of the gate, so that’s why I reached out for advice. Last night I made a mental note of distance, but from here on out, I plan to snap a picture of the screen. Thanks!

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