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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently struggling with runner’s knee. I was diagnosed at the beginning of August, but I had comparatively mild symptoms. I got it after a few long runs and bike rides.

    I then took a break for 3 weeks and used the time for stretching, stability and strength exercises. This helped me to strengthen my flexibility, balance and leg axis.

    The complaints had not yet subsided and I continued the programme. Three weeks ago, I slowly started training again, but only uphill, because downhill I used my paraglider.

    Today, after a tour, pain appeared again as I had to go downhill. From my point of view, I was stupid and took on too much. Now I’m not sure if I’ll start from scratch again.

    Have any of you been diagnosed with runner’s knee and how did you deal with it? Do you have any tips and tricks for rehabilitation? I would be happy to hear about anything, be it special stretching or strengthening exercises or anything else.

    Greetings from the Alps / Salzburg / Austria

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    Garret on #57154

    I picked this up when doing some high intesity bike racing.

    For rehab I cut out biking, cut back running volume for about 4 weeks and kept to as flat a run as possible.
    I found that my flexors, quads and ITB on the impacted leg were all very tight so lots of stretching of quads, hamstrings, glutes and plenty of foam rolling and massage balls.
    After the 4 weeks I was back at ultra traning volumes, but kept off the big hills for a few more weeks.

    Alex on #57156

    Hi LuB,

    In April I ended up overtraining and had a pretty bad case of runner’s knee. It started as a bit of pain at the end of my long workouts, which I ignored, before long the pain was following me home and in no time my knees were constantly hurting. I couldn’t even walk down a flight of stairs without pain.

    I completely stopped training for about two weeks, but as soon as I went back to running, the pain would return. I found on Instagram, @kneesovertoesguy … look him up on YouTube too! I did his program for a month (no running) and when I returned to running not only I didn’t have any pain, it felt like a brand new set of wheels.

    Thomas Summer, MD on #57237


    Just to be clear that everyone is talking about the same thing: with “runner’s knee”, you mean “iliotibial band syndrome”?! …pain on the lateral part of the knee.

    For this, it’s most important to strengthen the glutes. And training leg axis and leg stability. Step-ups are great for that.
    Also, massage on the ITB and stretching it can help.
    There are special bands that you can put around the knee, to reduce the friction on the insertion point of the tendon (at least that’s the theory). Can be helpful.
    If you find a way to train without pain I would recommend continuing with training.
    With these overuse injuries, it’s sometimes most important to just change something. And evaluate your training, if you just did too much!

    best wishes to Salzburg from Vorarlberg!
    zufällig hab ich noch Mozartkugeln daheim;-) Mahlzeit!

    LuB on #58205


    thank you all for your answers!

    Currently i have know problem with my knee.

    Maybe i can help and motivate someone who deal with the same problem:

    What i did to get rid of the runners knee / ITBS:

    – Stretching quads, hamstrings, buttocks, calves etc. (A lot! – I improved my overall mobility, espicially in the legs).
    – Strenght training, very controlled (step ups, lunges, clam shells (!) AND core)
    – Started with walking / running uphill – descent by lift or paraglider

    Best wishes from Austria,

    Thomas Summer, MD on #58206

    Great to read this, Lukas.
    Keep up the good work!

    best wishes from Vorarlberg!

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