Run/Walk Progression in Beginner Plan

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    Jacquelyn Dosal

    Sorry if this seems obvious, but in the beginner plan, today (and other days) it has 30 minutes of “aerobic day” and then it has a run/walk progression for what looks like 40 minutes. These are separate workouts, correct? Or is the run/walk progression offered as an example to use during the aerobic workout?

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    Hello Jacquelyn,

    This is an either-or workout; follow the duration that is put in on “aerobic day: always. The run/walk progression may be a little off time since I used the workout builder tool. The run/walk progression is for athletes who want to start running again but haven’t been able to in the past due to injury or other factors. You should not be doing both a hike and a run those days. Just choose one activity and do it for the duration programmed out.

    Does that make sense?

    Jacquelyn Dosal on #65558

    Thanks. I saw the “read this first” post but was still confused, thanks for clarifying.

    And as far as the run/walk, I know you said to view RPEs loosely. Do I need to be watching my heart rate at all to keep it under aerobic threshold or zone 2… or just go with the RPE of 6 and “not as hard as you can”?

    Just running for a minute (and progressing that time over the weeks) isn’t very challenging (even though I could use the progression to help me build up), so my tendency is to run a little faster for that minute, most likely more than zone 2.

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    All of your aerobic work should be below you AeT even if you are just running for a minute. This will be good practice as you get to longer run times to still be training aerobically.

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