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    Hey there,

    So I am in Transition Week 4(Recovery) in the Big Mountain Plan, I just completed a run/hike that was supposed to be 45 minutes, but that didn’t seem challenging enough, however I was time crunched, so would adding a weight vest be an acceptable compromise as opposed to increasing run/hike distance or time, and I realize it is a recovery week, but I still wanted to feel a little bit of a workout. Should the time count towards the uphill portion or the total of uphill and downhill? I live right below a mountain with a 2400’ gain over 2.7 miles that provides a great training ground.

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    The recovery weeks are for recovery and letting your body absorb the training that has come before. MODULATION in the the training load is one of the key principles of training. In these early Transition weeks the training may and probably should feel very light. These 8 weeks are to get you ready to start training. Do not get overly anxious to add work load. It is easy to start a new training plan too hard and then a few weeks later find yourself really tired and forced to take a big break right when you need to be ramping up.

    Do not add weight to these early weeks, especially in a recovery week. When it is appropriate to add weight the plan will tell you.

    All that being said: Bear in mind that this plan must be written so almost any one can use it. It could be that you are fit enough that the starting volume is too low for you. However I suggest erring on the conservative side if this is your first go at structured training. Many, many people have used this plan, as written, quite successfully on big climbs. It can be easily customized volume wise by adding time/distance/vertical when you have a good feel for what you can handle long term.


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