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    Hi everybody!!

    Last week I bought a rollerskis to prepare my skimo season. I wanted to know if it’s possible to do lower body EM workouts as well as upper body workouts in TfUA. Can anyone give me ideas?

    Is a specific period training like this correct? :
    – Even weeks with a ME day in the gym and another ME day with rollerski.
    – Odd weeks with one day of ME with rollers and another day of max strength (as a reminder of strength)?


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    Anonymous on #44959

    That’s certainly possible. The main thing is that the ME loads will be high, so you have to be willing to do less of it if those sessions start to hamper your general base sessions.

    chiquetetekik on #45005

    Ok Scott, thanks

    chiquetetekik on #45312

    This week I’m doing Z2 trainings un rollerski, but I see that I need a lot of time for the same vertical because the roads are more longer than tracks. My questions is, what’s better: 2h and 1000m+ walking/run or 2h30′ and 700m+ skiroll?


    Anonymous on #45480

    That’s a tough one. I would mix the two. Do some sessions on roller skis for technique and specificity and some on foot for gain.

    chiquetetekik on #45581

    Thak you very much Scott

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