Returning to training after injury?

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    Hi, i had been following the big vert plan and all was going well until i fractured my wrist about 7 weeks ago. This only stopped me for about a week then i returned back to the training only to stopped again due to plantar fascitis in booth feet. It has now taken 5 weeks of no running for the pain in both heels to recede.

    I now feel ready to start running again but my goal event which is 55km with 4750m elevation is now only 3 weeks away. I am wondering how to go about building distance and elevation back up in such a short space of time, if even possible at all?

    Any help much appreciated thanks.

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    Anonymous on #27722

    There is no way to make up for this lost time. If you ramp up the volume of running to much in this 3 weeks you are very likely to be quite fatigued come race day. A 5 week lay off is a short period to recover from plantar fascitis. You need to be extra careful adding running back into your program and ready to pull the plug on the race if you feel the PF pain coming back. I’ve seen athletes struggle with PF for years. Be careful.


    l.tregan on #27733

    It seems like your body is sending a lot of messages you are over doing it. I’d listen to it.

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