Recovery of Aerobic Capacity after COVID

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    I had a case of COVID last April/May (2022) and feel like my body is just getting back to normal in terms of time it takes to recover from workouts. I had nothing else unusual (the COVID was severe enough that I couldn’t eat for 3 days and there were 1 or 2 episodes of extreme (“I’m about to pass out”) nausea/discomfort–but that sounds fairly typical).
    Just curious if anyone else experienced this.

    (And I’m asking here because it’s easy to imagine that if this was a real phenomenon, no one would have bothered to study it yet and it might not be picked up by the general, non-athletic, population.)

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    Al B on #74891

    There’s a guy named Howard Luks on Twitter who writes/posts regularly. He’s a surgeon/Zone 2 guy who has been posting about his Covid recover for a couple of months. You might have to dig through his twitter history but, FWIW, I’ve found some of his posts helpful.

    Jane Mackay on #74905

    Hi Jon44,

    Have you looked through our Covid 19 & Sports Med forum? You might find some similar experiences reported there. Also, if you want to repost your question there, Dr. Thomas Summer monitors that forum.


    Jon44 on #74932

    Will do (let me know if deleting the post here makes sense)…

    Jane Mackay on #74979

    Since there’s a reply, you can leave this post here. People will see that the discussion has shifted to the other forum.

    Rachel Nutting on #75194

    For what it’s worth, I practice cardiology and we see patients all the time who have noticed changes in exercise tolerance/stamina as well as some autonomic dysfunction after Covid. I know there’s various theories regarding root cause and research being done to determine best practices with treatment. Most people do improve over time.
    Best of luck!

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