Recovery HR zone as a training?

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    Daniel Sedlacek

    Hello guys,

    My zone 1 is between 145-165 BPM, but during mountaineering with friends, I spend at least 80% of time in the recovery zone. It seems weird to me to write “70mins” to my training diary after let’s say 12 hours of mountaineering in Alps. It is certainly less demanding then my zone 1 running sessions, but it’s still not a sitting in a couch and the duration is quite long.

    So my question is:

    Should I:
    a) not consider this “recovery” time as a training at all
    b) consider it as a zone 1 training in my diary
    c) use some coefficient (lets say 0,3-0,5) to multiply this “recovery” time and then write it down as a zone 1 training?

    Thank you for your advises and recommendations!


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    Anonymous on #7521

    Hi Daniel,

    Good question. Recovery activities definitely count as training time. Especially with the long durations that you’re talking about, the time should be included in your training log.

    I would recommend trying to figure out how much of your alpine days are actually spent moving (versus breaks, belaying, etc) and then apply a multiple to the moving time as you’ve suggested.

    Another option is to use something like Training Peaks which accounts for intensity in its training log calculations (although you’d still need to adjust for idle time).

    I hope that helps.

    Scott S.

    Daniel Sedlacek on #7647

    Thanks Scott for your reply,

    I set my “Zone 0” from 105 to 144 since this is where I usually am while not heaving a break and put the coefficient of 0,35 to multiply that time. Should be quite appropriate I think.



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