Recovery and planning for next year after first 50 mile effort

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    Hey folks,

    I just wrapped up 36 weeks of consistent training progression. I started with an 8 week transition block and worked through a combination of the TFaNA 20 week + the last few weeks of the Foote Big Vert plan before culminating in a successful 50 mile/11k vert effort.

    It was my first time training for more than 4-8 weeks and I enjoyed the process. The last few weeks have made me think I had toes the line of overtraining, so I am happy to take it easy and work back in to training slowly for another block…but I have no idea what that break between focused training plans looks like.

    As I look forward to next year, I toyed with an ‘A goal’ of another 50 at some time in 2021. Without a set date for the A goal, and some time for recovery I’m looking at the calendar without much guidance.

    Any suggestions for how to structure this time?

    My initial (unsophisticated) thoughts on steps to improve as I look to 2021:
    – Recovery block: 4ish weeks starting with only 1-3 z1 runs a week and maybe ramping up to 1 longer run(~10 miles) a week in week 3 and/or 4. Spend at least a couple evenings in the climbing gym or doing the general strength plan from TFaNA.
    – (grey area) 0-8 weeks: the time between recovery and starting the Foote Big Vert plan round 2

    Timing is open ended and so are any ‘B goals’. SO start the Foote Plan immediately after 4 weeks of recovery/light activity and maintain fitness from June to July? Or add in an 8 week training block between recovery and the Foote Plan?

    Any others had previous experience with either route? Do I need to just take a long and more relaxed winter season, if so, what does that look like?

    Thanks for any wisdom on keeping my body healthy as I train over multiple years?

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    Anonymous on #48429

    Any suggestions for how to structure this time?

    TftNA, p. 68 & 189

    With the time you have available, you could do a short transition period, a shorter block, and then start the Big Vert plan.

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