Recommend a good interval timing app

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    Bruno Schull

    Hi Folks,

    Can anybody recommend a good interval timer app for an iphone?

    There are so many options.

    I don’t mind paying a small fee, as long as there is a simple interface, and no annoying pop ups.

    I just want to set a work interval, a rest interval, and number of sets.

    It’s for weighted hangs, so the intervals will be measured in seconds, not minutes.

    Beeps would be nice so I don’t have top stare at it all the time.



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    JayJayB69 on #81671

    Hi Bruno,
    I use a Climbing/Boulder App for that use case.
    Like Boulder Trainer.
    If you use an Apple device you can use seconds that is a real timer App.

    Hope that helps


    Bruno Schull on #81688

    Thanks JayJay!

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