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    Edgar Carby on #59062

    I just want to put this here in case I forget to ask tomorrow.

    Here’s a head-slapping learning alert (maybe) after reading that article.

    TP has been calculating my TSS as rTSS rather than hrTSS. I now see that rTSS is based on pace, which we don’t really care about for MTG purposes.

    So I went back in the last month or so and swapped rTSS for hrTSS which puts me at a CTL of 107 as of today. I’ve done the AeT test a few times and I believe I have my HR zones inputted correctly.

    Should I be switching to hrTSS for all my runs, even though most of them are road runs?

    Some of these numbers seem really high. Like a 50K trail race that I ran pretty conservatively having TSS over 1000? Can that be right?

    MarkPostle on #59078

    Edgar- your half way there, just one head slap to go I am estimating. Were going to cover it tonight but Yes I would change all to hrTSS and no the 50K isn’t 1000TSS sadly. It all hinges on the “threshold heart rate” under the default hr settings in “Zones”. This field should be your Anerobic threshold and many folks have it set (unwittingly or otherwise) as the lower AeT. If you go in the change that field you’ll get accurate(ish) hrTSS numbers. You should then see TSS numbers of about 50 per hours +/- unless your doing intensity work.

    Edgar Carby on #59100

    Thanks Mark. I got it figured out I think. With the new threshold number, my CTL is 78 using HRTSS.

    I had set up the zones correctly, but he completely ignored the threshold number. I’m honestly not sure how that number came to be. I guess training peaks auto calculated it.

    My previous training peaks experience was cycling and power meter-based. I didn’t even wear a heart rate monitor back then.

    So anyhoo, learning stuff!

    Edgar Carby on #59117

    So coming off today’s zoom call, I NOW have an EVEN BETTER sense of what my zone and threshold numbers should be. Inputted those better numbers and changed 6 weeks of workouts. Recalculated CTL at 66.

    AeT at 140, Threshold at 165. With these numbers in place, the CTL of 66 dovetails nicely with the 50 TSS/hr estimate for an AeT workout so I’m more confident that I’m getting better data.

    Tammy Barnhart on #59134

    Can someone please tell me how to watch the zoom from today for Training Peaks. I’m not able to ever be present due to work. I don’t see it listed anywhere on the forum.
    Thanks Tammy

    MarkPostle on #59162

    Tammy- Steve will always be posted at the top of the Forum in a sticky thread about 24 hours after the Zoom has finished. The one from the first meeting is up and titled “Recording for the Orientation Zoom call on November 3, 2021”, the second one should be posted this evening. Thanks!

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