Random Knee Pain: New Knee Crunching Noise

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    I was doing a Muscular Endurance workout at home. I was doing split leg jumps. Randomly, I felt a sharp pain above my kneecap that made me audibly say “wow!” I stopped for a little, stretched some more, then started working out again. I could feel it slightly but not as bad; however, now my knee was making a crunching noise.

    It went away.

    Today, multiple weeks later, I felt is doing some body-weight squats. It was not nearly as sharp, but I feel the pressure. The crunching noise is there.

    What happened? Should I ignore it? Can I keep training?

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #54190


    where do you feel the pain/pressure? Is the crunching noise painful?

    hard to tell what the problem is exactly.

    You should not ignore it. But as long as you don’t feel pain while training (and after) you can continue. What is your main activity?

    hope that helps a bit?!


    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #54526

    Crunching isn’t too much to alarm me in the absence of any pain or clunking. I’d maybe recommend a good warm up prior to significant loading.

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