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    Paula Kim

    Hello! This Woman’s Group has one more training block left and I’m trying to decide whether to continue with the Woman’s Group, or if I should transition to the Mountaineering Group.

    I have a week-long training on Mt. Baker with Alpine Ascents the first week of July to learn basic mountaineering skills. So I’m not sure if it would be better to transition to the Mountaineering Group in the next training cycle to get more specific training and information, or if continuing with the Woman’s Group will still get me what I need for my trip. In this group, I’m currently on the intermediate training and have been able to follow it.

    Another consideration is that I was hoping that this training group would help introduce me to people I could climb with in the Los Angeles area, but the composition of this group looks to be completely outside of LA. Do you know whether the mountaineering group has any members in the Los Angeles area?

    Thank you for your advice and thoughts on this! This has been a wonderful and valuable experience.

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    Chantelle Robitaille on #76940

    Hi Paula,

    Sorry it seems we missed answering your question.

    The mountaineering group dates are as follows:

    Page access starts April 9

    Orientation call April 12

    Training starts April 17

    Training ends 8 July

    Page access ends July 16

    If you wanted to see for yourself if it’s the right fit, you can join that one and give it a try. If you decide you want to move back into the female group, we can always shift you over when it starts up

    Spring 2023 Female Uphill Athlete Training Group Dates

    Orientation call May 11th

    Training starts May 9th

    Training ends July 18th

    Page access ends August 20th

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