Question about run w/ pickups

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    This workout I have tomorrow from uphill athlete is confusing me. Can anyone shed light maybe.

    “1 hr run on flats at or below AeT with pick ups (4×10 sec) up to fun fast pace (NOT 100% sprint) with 3min recovery (easy running/hiking) between)”

    Does that mean that at four points in the run I should increase speed for 10 seconds with at least a 3 min recovery in between… Or something else. dont exactly understand the 4x10sec part.

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    Aaron on #18987

    Your interpretation is what I understand. I believe the term ‘strides’ is also often used in this context. Similar approach as ‘fartlek’ too. Easy run, 4 times play with a bit of speed for a short spell without pushing too hard. By the wording I’d guess the speed should be easy enough that the recovery is via more easy running, not heaving on the the side of the trail.

    Anonymous on #18988

    Yes, correct. The pick ups are not sprints, just increases in speed, separated by 3′ of a much easier pace.

    In most cases, I would put that portion of the workout near the beginning when you’re fresh.

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