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    Jane Mackay

    Hello Uphill Athlete!

    As a 50-year-old woman (a goal attained one day before Steve House — not the woman part, but the 50 yo part) the bewildering and utterly unpredictable changes going on in my body and their effect on my capacity to train, metabolise food, etc. is a constant topic of thought and question these days.

    I’m sure I’m not the only peri/menopausal woman who has vast appreciation for the information you provide and frequents this forum, so could you please make menopause a one-click, easy-find topic in the index?


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    Jane on #63888

    “@janeblackford007 Jane B, very belated thanks for your comment. I wasn’t able to find your post on this topic — if you can find it, can you post the link here? I agree that it is really important to talk about this, and I don’t see any reason why not — the heck with societal taboos. Menopause is something that every *single* woman in the world who lives long enough deals with — usually for decades. I read recently that by 2030 12% of the global population will be going through menopause. It is a major physiological change that reaches tentacles into every aspect of the functioning of mind and body and if we want to live vibrant, full, active lives through this time, then we need to learn from and support each other.”

    – Thanks Jane – my post is still on the forum: 4 Jan 2020 “Training into menopause” – but doesn’t appear in the Forum Index tagging. I’ll post a screen shot of first two posts on it below.

    The info is good, but – wow – a LOT has happened in the start of 2020. The thread appears almost historical now!

    One thing that’s struck me about Selene Yeager’s podcast – having listened regularly, quite recently I listened back to an early episode from the show, and then hearing the episode she did a year in reflecting on the whole thing – was how much she’s developed in the year or so of ‘Hit Play Not Pause’ and the ease that she now chats about menopause / perimenopause etc compared with the start of the podcast – and that feels like it’s rippling out.

    Another possibility for propagating the ripples on this forum is to create separate threads for specific menopause themed posts.

    Jane M – thanks – your picking up on my earlier post triggered a sense of being part of a ‘tribe’ and my voice being heard. For me fining my voice feels like it’s part of this perimenopause+ path too, all best Jane

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    emilieskadi on #67569

    SO excited to dig into some of this stuff. I think I’m still a little ways out here (44 but my aunt did go through really early menopause herself, haven’t heard back from my mom yet and I honestly don’t even know if it’s hereditary?). Anyway, I have been noticing that my cycle seems to be getting a little erratic and that it is effecting my training a little differently (seems to be more lately). So I wonder if I’m inching towards a change… I am excited to paw through the stuff in here, thanks everyone for the thoughtful contributions and resources I see linked above!

    mgoat4 on #75130

    Glad to see this thread, even tho it’s been inactive since last spring. I’m 57 and have been using the UA method for about a year (with great results!). I was already on keto (ie: fat adapted) and using intermittent fasting (for my brain health) and as a morning exerciser, was already training fasted (ie: no tough transitions there when I started their method). In 2022 I approached UA about creating a specialized training group for those of us over 50/or in menopause who want to train hard (ie: no focus whatsoever on menstruation, pre-perimenopause hormone issues, or how to integrate training with raising children, etc.). In a nutshell their response was, “We are currently revamping the women’s training program and can’t do this at this time”. The email came from one of their trainers who is in our demographic, and she offered to train me personally, but I don’t have the funds for that. Perhaps if enough of use posse up they might do so in the future… squeaky wheel, sistahs!

    Jane Mackay on #75199

    Hey again! I’m glad to hear you’ve already proposed this. UA definitely has a strong focus on serving women of all demographics, and also athletes over 50 as a demographic in themselves (fully aware of the physiological differences). There’s a long “we want to do now” list of projects, but I’ll put this forward again to at least keep it in the conversation. Culturally speaking, it’s time. In the broad perspective, of course, it’s long, long overdue, but we’re getting there.

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