Planning for high mileage weeks whilst travelling?

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    With just 7 weeks til my first 50k, as I get into the Specificity weeks my employer has decided to send me across the Atlantic for a week. It’s far from ideal but it’s life.

    With 72km planned for the week giving my weekend back-to-back runs of 22km on Saturday and 29km on Sunday it’s unlikely that I’ll make the 22km on Saturday due to the overnight return flight on Friday/Saturday.

    There are two options, tough it out on Saturday and Sunday or spread that 22km over the rest of the week to keep the total distance up. Actually a third option would be to bump the back-to-back into Sunday/Monday although that would make the second week pretty big on distance, way above that 10% increase limit.

    So, spread the kilometres over the week or something else? The lack of hills in Orlando is an issue I really can’t get around so I’m going to be losing out there.


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    Anonymous on #36105

    I would reschedule your weeks and use it as a recovery week. Bookend the trip with more volume, and reduce the load during.

    Seven weeks is plenty of time to re-adjust like this.

    ciemon on #36186

    Thank you Scott

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