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    I have Patagonia Ascensionist packs in 25l and 40l sizes. While they are great packs overall I am having issues with the rope attachment when the rope is carried under the lid.
    The rope wont stay secured and is sliding backwards and down, in particular when the pack isn’t overstuffed. Also the weight sits quite far back making it uncomfortable to carry.
    This is even more a problem on the 25l pack which doesn’t have straps on the side out of the box. Does anybody here use these packs and figured out a good way to carry ropes outside of the pack?

    Not sure if this is the right forum for such a gear question. So, if not, moderators please delete this question. But since Steve seems to be a father of these packs I posted the question here.

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    MarkPostle on #59762

    Sbr, Steve may well weigh in here as well. With the packs in question assuming were talking about the same generation, I don’t attempt to put the rope under the “lid” but on top of the whole pack while using the cinch strap in “high” mode over the top. This works great for either volume (I do it a ton on the 25L) if the pack is full-ish which it generally is if I’m trying to put the rope on top. You have to unhook the metal toggle at the bottom of the pack and re-attach it to the higher anchor point then the metal hook end goes on the grab loop between the shoulder straps. Hope that makes sense, if not I can attach a pic when I get home next week.

    sbr on #59779

    Thanks Mark. I understand what you mean. No additional picture necessary. Will try that next time out.

    TerryLui on #61048

    Thanks for that Mark!
    I used to always just lay the rope on top of the bag and use the side compression straps to hold it in place
    Like this –

    juljit58 on #68300

    I can vouch for this product. I have only tried three others but this one was one of my main choices as soon as it was recommended to me by my friend.

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