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    My wife and I just had our first child and it seems like taking the child on hilly hikes is both a good soecific fitness workout with built in progressive weight increase, and also a nice way to introduce the baby to outdoors, give mom a break, spend time together, etc.

    We have an older pack for the baby that a friend passed on but it doesn’t seem that comfy and resembles the Kelty frame pack I first used at age 10. Would love to hear any advice on taking kids for hikes, building into a workout schedule, good packs, pack ideas/tips, etc.

    Admins if there is a better space please relocate this. Thanks.

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    Shashi on #54506

    Asked a friend who regularly does long hikes with his infant. Here is what he had to say…

    “Osprey Poco Plus. The only difference between Poco and Poco Plus being carrying capacity. They both are heavy, the carrier weight itself weighing around 7 lbs. But they are super safe and comfortable for the baby. Comparable options include Deuter and Thule. Both have significantly less storage capacity than Poco Plus, which is a major factor if one is considering backpacking with baby.”

    Hope this is helpful.

    Andreas on #54512

    I would also recommend the Osprey Poco Plus. I’ve been using that one for my daughter and it truly is a fantastic child carrier. Expensive though…
    I’ve tried a slightly older Deuter carrier once but it was nowhere as comfortable.

    Anonymous on #55323

    I never liked the traditional-style packs for kid-carrying. The weight is to far from the parent’s torso. In contrast, an ErgoBaby (worn on the back) is great.

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