One injury and one chronic condition…looking for advice

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    Hey everyone. Just looking for a little advice if possible. I have an injury I’m dealing with and a chronic condition that I’m hoping to gain some help with.

    Injury: it seems I severely sprained my SI joint in my back….any suggestions on exercises/stretches etc I can do to rehab and strengthen?

    Chronic problem: intense foot pain/cramps. My uphill sport is splitboarding. And in the skin track I get terrible foot cramps and pain….to the point of really avoiding going. Riding in powder it is manageable but on groomers at the resort my feet just kill me. I ride traditional bindings and boots…not a hard boot set up. I have tried insoles. Orthotics. Stiffer boots. Softer boots etc. In my limited opinion I think I have discovered perhaps my two/three causes. 1. Poor dorsiflexion. My ankles over time (I’m 47) have lost a bit of mobility and I think that puts incredible strain on my feet/calfs. 2. High arch and sensitive instep. 3. I have very large calfs…and often feel like snowboard boots dig in to my calf muscle abs restrict blood flow as well as mobility.

    What I have done so far: new lower cut boots. I will be trying a new lower cut boot to try to give my calfs more room. Better footbeds…experimenting with a few brands: kneed, boot doctor, sole, superfeet….if you know of others that are rad I’d love to hear. Yoga/mobility training…a few sessions a week focusing on hip flexor, hamstring, ankle mobility….but if anyone has any specific dorsiflexion hints I’d love to hear them.

    So…just curious if anyone else has suffered from this, and if so…were you able to correct it and move past it?

    Thank you!

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    Pete Dickinson MS,PT on #46201

    You’re moving in the right direction making sure you’re not getting a form of compartment syndrome with the tight cuff on the boots. There is a nerve that goes to your arch that can cause pain coming out of the tarsal tunnel. Orthotic intervention, proper boot fitting are good places to start. I would also mobilize the calf soft tissue with the rad roller or ‘stick’. You want to reduce restrictions on the nerve that goes to the arch, before it gets there. Standing knee touch on wall with foot several inches away till its difficult is also a good ankle stretch.
    Just some additional ideas.

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