Note about Chamonix Mtn Fit accessed via training groups

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    Jane Mackay

    Please note that the access to Chamonix Mountain Fit that you get through a training group comes with the training groups during the program. But they are not all-year, nor all-time access to this program.

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    Nanook on #71320

    Hi Jane,

    I actually had a subscription to both – can you pause that subscription while I am in the group?

    Jane Mackay on #71337

    Nanook, the group forum would be the best place to ask that question, since you have direct access there to Steve and others might have the same question.

    mmingus on #72148

    I bought the subscription. But I would really like to download it to my training peaks as part of my training. Is there any way to do this? Do I have to login to uphill athlete each time or can I have a link?

    Anonymous on #78993

    Please be aware that joining a training group throughout the programme entitles you to access Chamonix Mountain Fit as well. However, they do not provide year-round or perpetual access to this programme.

    Anonymous on #79631

    Chamonix Mtn Fit is a fitness program or facility accessed through training groups. It likely offers training sessions, workouts, and guidance tailored to mountain fitness, aiming to enhance physical abilities and prepare individuals for mountain activities. Training groups provide a supportive and collaborative environment for participants to pursue their fitness goals in Chamonix.

    jimmylwo on #81346

    Understood, access to Chamonix Mountain Fit is tied to the specific training programs and is not available year-round or at all times. It’s important to be aware of the program’s schedule and availability to make the most of it during the training periods. If you have any more questions or need further information, feel free to ask!

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