Noob Question about Transition Period

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    Randy V.

    Hi All,
    I’m starting the Eight-Week Transition Plan in TFNA to prepare for the Mt. Rainier Kautz Glacier Seminar in July 2024. The example training schedule in the book includes one day of climbing, which is impractical for me for a number of reasons.

    Does anyone have any thoughts as to what are some suitable substitute activities for “climbing day”?


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    Bruno Schull on #81687

    I’m going to guess that a reasonable substitute will depend a great deal on you and your own weaknesses. For example, if you have ADS or are just starting out, maybe a very easy light run, hike, or cycle. If you lack strength of flexibility, then maybe some dynamic stretching and core work. If you lack climbing specific strength, then perhaps a gentle hangboard progression and other simulated climbing exercises. And so on. I think they key will be 1) indentifying your weakness or main area to improve, and 2) adding work in that area, making sure that you don’t replicate whate you’re doing elsewhere, and therefore overload that aystem. Or just take a rest day? I think it’s always better to do too little than too much, especially when just starting.

    Randy V. on #81718

    Bruno, those are great suggestions, thank you. I suspect I’ll be able to identify plenty of weaknesses to choose from, since I’m just getting started!


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