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    Hi, I purchased the big vert plan a couple of years ago and and now looking to go through with the plan again. I couldnt get into my TP account so had to register a new one. Now I can’t figure out how to start the plan again in the new account, also i cant seem to find the plan anywhere in my UA account dashboard. Any help appreciated thanks.

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    Shashi on #63620

    The plan will not be in your UA account. I would recommend finding your old login, resetting the password and trying to get into your original account and access the Training Plan.

    sannk06 on #63687

    I have a similar question–I purchased a training plan recently and am finding the first few weeks are not challenging enough. I know how to move workouts around in training peaks, but I”m wondering–if I delete several weeks of training plans, are they just gone or is there someplace I could re-download the training plan again? thanks in advance!

    Shashi on #63756

    sannk06 – you will find the training plan you purchased under Training Peaks > Calendar > Training Plans. You can apply the full plan again here with the desired start date.

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