Negative drift result in AeT Heart Rate Drift Test

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    I made the Heart Rate Drift Test, and the Pa:Hr result was a negative value.
    That possibly means that I have to re-do the test at a higher HR?.
    Here its the link to the test at TrainingPeaks:
    Thank you very much!!

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    Anonymous on #44287


    You ran on a nice flat course and you HR stayed quite even in the mid 130s. But your pace increased from 6:30 on the first lap to 6:15 on the last lap. Since this resulted in a negative Hr:Pa ratio I would try this test again targeting 140.


    arturo.marguery on #44718


    Thank you very much for your answer!.
    I read your articles and listened your podcasts (while running!), and they have been a lot of help for me to replan my trainings!. I have also buy your book, waiting anxiously its arrive!!. Very happy to learn from you and improve my mountain running!.

    I followed your advice, and make the test again, at a higher HR (avg 144). The Pa:Hr ratio was not negative this time (0,5%), but under 3,5/5,0 range:

    So, I try it again, targeting 5 bpm higher, and it results in a HR avg of 148 and a Pa:Hr ratio of 2,9:
    So I thing my AeT is around 148/150…

    I also made the AnT Test, and it results a HR of 171:

    So, I think that the spread between AeT and AnT will be between 12-13%, so I have the ADS you described… I will train mostly in my new Z1 and Z2 as you recommend to improve my aerobic base!!

    Thank you very much again!!
    Regards from Salta, at the north of Argentina!

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