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    Hi to all, i am Emanuele and i come from Dolomites in Italy.I bought the books and the big Vert plan in mid-May and yesterday I redid in the same way a 13km and 850m altitude difference route that I had covered before starting the program. With 5 bpm less on average I removed 35 sec / km and at the end of the course I still wanted to live !!! Thank you very much, I will continue like this and in 2 months I will remove another 30 seconds; below the results:

    May 8: 13km 850 mt at 7:15 min / km and 163 bpm average
    July 18: 13km 850m at 6:40 min / km and 158 bpm average

    the climb is not constant at 6.5%, the first 4 km are at 8% then slowly reaches 5%

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    LindsayTroy on #55831

    Great work! And you still have quite a bit longer on the plan to progress!

    Reed on #55836

    and at the end of the course I still wanted to live !!!

    Haha that’s great! Nice work, keep it up!

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