My fat bike misses me!

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    Though I’m training for running – and I know I need to be running for most/all aerobic days, my super-fun fat bike is feeling really sad and neglected. How can I incorporate it in (even if its just once a week)?

    (I dont ride super crazy stuff, basically just rolling snowpacked roads around here that are pretty and fun to cruise in the winter)

    Break up an aerobic day 30 running/30 bike? As a z1 after our ME day? A full aerobic day here and there?

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    Hi Erica,
    Precisely! Break up a running day as you mentioned above or if it’s a mellow aerobic day and you’re not riding hard, do an hour cruise. Cross training (mellow) one day a week is encouraged. It gives the body and mind a break from the same thing and is fun!
    So dust off that fat bike and go for a spin ( :

    Coach on #63895

    I agree with Carolyn! Training should be fun on some level so don’t fully neglect the things you love, especially if you are training for life and being generally fit!

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