Training after hysterectomy

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    Hey Alison,
    Really excited to see this forum. I am almost 5 weeks out from my hysterectomy (laproscopic) and progressing slowly with hiking, walking, stretching. Going to try the climbing gym this week on easy, non-overhung routes. Since there isn’t much out there I am just going slow, seeing how I feel and recover and increasing as I can. MD said all tissues will be at full strength at 8 weeks – then its really GO time!!! Ice season is coming!!
    Happy to get any info on returning to core work and climbing, once the 8 weeks is up…Any tips on progression, things to avoid…etc? Thinking of starting the core workout from TFTNA as well as dead hangs, hanging from tools. Thanks!!! Laurie

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    gschwinn on #31718

    Hi, I might be able to help you with part of this. I’m a nurse-midwife/NP. Since your surgery was laparoscopic then you had minimal damage to your actual abdominal muscles. Postpartum (whether vaginal or surgical) I recommend starting with pelvic tilts (set of 10, holding for 20 seconds, daily) to heal the lower abdominal muscles first before moving on to harder core exercise. So you might want to consider doing these first and see how you feel.

    lwattpt on #31720

    Thank you – I appreciate your input. Yes I am already doing some pelvic tilts and Kegels. I am a PT so somewhat versed in pelvic floor rehab. No pain or discomfort but definitely some weakness.

    Anonymous on #31981

    Congrats, Laurie! I’d start with basic things like bridges, marching, and synching your breath (diaphragm breathing) to your movement and core. I’m working on a pdf today that I’ll hopefully post soon.

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