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mountaineering training group, round two questions

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    I am planning on doing another round of this group (and got an email about signing up yesterday) and have a couple of questions…

    – I assume the group will be a mix of people from this round and some new folks. Will the same material be covered again in the zoom calls?

    – I had to shift my program back two weeks in TP. Can the next round of training be shifted by UA to account for this before it is loaded into TP?

    – We will be using the same forum or will a new one get set up?

    Thanks, Bill

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    krish on #61121

    Also, is it possible to auto-enroll in each new session or do we just wait for the announcements and sign up each time? Thanks.

    Justin Jones on #61158

    I’ve not received any emails for signing up for a follow up program, but I would have an interest. I’d like to continue to build a training base to be better equipped to go after big goals in the future.

    xenab.mansoor on #61392

    Also following with interest. My additional question is… what is the benefit of continuing this program VS buying a 24 week mountain training program if the goal is to climb Denali in late May/ early June?

    DJW on #61452

    please resend any offer email. thank you.

    mhsc on #61531

    I also didn’t get an offer email, but found the sign-up page here:

    MalibuBill on #61540

    I do not recall if I received an offer or not but I successfully signed up ( for round 2 this morning (1/4/2022). You may use my nickname “Lucky” if you wish as I have been reminded that I’ll miss the initial Feb 09 zoom call because I’m having a colonoscopy that day. “All things considered I’d rather be in Hanalei”- with apologies to W C Fields

    krish on #61607

    BTW, I just signed up for round 2, but the options for training plans were only Basic and Advanced, no Intermediate. Is the form just not updated, or will it be fine tuned later? Thanks.

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