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Mountaineer Training and Swimming

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    Hello everyone, I am looking on any advice/recommendations on cross training, the training plans, and swimming. I added swimming to my training routine earlier this year because of injury and for cross training (3 times a week for 45 mins).

    I just started the Mountaineering 16 week program; however, I would like to include some of the swimming in the plan as cross training and potentially recovery.
    That being said, I am concerned about overtraining and derailing my mountaineering program as that is my near term focus. Are there pitfalls or training for swimming that that should be avoided or alternatively complement the program? My current plan is to continue going twice a week on recovery and rest days in addition to the program.

    Thanks for any input in advance.

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    We recommend swimming for recovery from the pounding one’s legs take in training for mountain sports. Recovery means, very easy sessions to just to get the blood moving and leave you feeling better than when you started. If you are actually “training” for swimming with longer and demanding workouts then you may well struggle with the energy and time demands.


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