Modifier for hiking during training?

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    Michael G

    During the summer I like to hike/peak bag with my teenage sons. Often this is done rather spur of the moment. Is there a modifier or rule of thumb for how to account for these miles while base training?

    For example yesterday my son and I hiked San Gorgonio – 18.5 miles, 5200′ elevation gain all in Recovery, Zone 1 and a bit of Zone 2. In a 30 mile base training week, how would I account for this mileage? Count just the uphill? Just the mileage spent in specific Zones?

    Obviously, the goal is to enjoy the time with my boys, but I’m curious how to then adjust the rest of the training week.


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    Anonymous on #24157

    You should count all your aerobic base miles done on foot. If you are training with a mountaineering goal in mind this will add to a great base. If you are training to run a fast marathon this stuff will make you tired but won’t contribute much to your marathon success.
    I’d use the +10TSS/1000ft of gain and loss fudge factor for these hikes with lots if vertical in them.


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