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    I just finished my first cycle of training with a very successful climb of Mt. Rainier. I have never felt so strong on summit day! I am now planning my ATP for next year and was wondering if it would work to replace the transition period with the 8 week Mixed Climbing Strength Plan? I would like to finish transition in time for the ice season in Utah. Thanks for all your help; the books and website are an amazing resource!

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    Congrats on your Rainier success! We are grateful to have been a small part of your success. This is why Steve and I wrote our book and why we put so much energy into the website. We know there is a better way and most people just don’t understand that.

    You could certainly do the Ice & Mixed strength plan. Hundreds of folks have reported great gains with it. If you want to be your strongest in Dec/January though, I would wait a bit to start it. Or, you could start soon and keep progressing it out past is finish date by increasing the resistance you are using in the workout.

    Steve is working on an advanced Ice and Mixed plan for those who have already moved up a grade or two using the current one.


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