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    Hi all,
    Question about Mike foote 20 weeks big vert training plan . I am doing UTMB race this year ( 100 miles with 30.000 ft elevation gain ) .
    Looking at the plan and comparing it to others, mike foote’s plan mostly based on time. My question is that, since i’m a middle/back of the pack kinda runner, my mileage will be pretty low by just doing those mileage.
    Will that be enough? Some of the training plan i’ve seen goes up to 80-90 miles/week

    Thank you !!!

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    Anonymous on #15548

    Did you read this in the description?

    We have made this plan customizable to fit the needs of as many different runners and events as possible. The weekly volume (distance, time and vertical) totals shown in the plan summary do not show the actual progression you will make. You will determine the starting weekly distance and vertical gain/loss based on the event you are training for. Weekly distance and vertical will start at about 50% of that event’s largest single day’s total and then progress to about 100% of that figure.

    This is very similar to the training plan that Luke Nelson used to place 8th in the Tor d’Geant. In the previous 9 months Luke averaged just 43 miles/week.


    vilen13 on #15567

    I did! But I figured that his background and my background are very different ( as in he has been an elite athlete and probably have a huge base to begin with)
    But i did missed the notes on each training notes about % of the target event

    Anonymous on #15575

    Yes, Luke does have a big base but he attributes some of his success to the ME workouts since he could not get out and out in huge days in the mountains due to his work.
    Good luck.

    vilen13 on #15585

    Got it!! Thank you for answering my question! Starting week 1 now !

    Aaron on #15704

    Rather than start a new thread I’m hoping to ask a clarifying question built off this one. I’m not planning any ‘races’, but rather off trail mountain ‘running’ traverses between 25 and 35 km with ~10% of distance as vertical meters gain and loss. High turnover/pace running is not the main factor.

    This plan seems ideal due to the relative scalability and ME focus alignment with my off trail shorter distance goals but (relative) high vertical.

    Not having seen the plan yet im hoping that the first 4 weeks of running can be largely substituted for xc as I’ll be base training over winter via xc leading up to a mid/back of the pack xc marathon (avoiding very much intensity) with 4 weeks overlap when I would supposed to be starting the 20 week big Vert plan.

    Anonymous on #15715

    Yes you can do this. Mike does this when he comes off his Skimo race season. Certainly having good aerobic base form a high volume of xc skiing will help as you transition to running later. Something to be aware and cautious of though is that you aerobic fitness will be ahead of your legs in terms of specific running strength. I see this a lot with both XC skiers and Skimo racers as they transition to running in the spring. Take extra care during the early weeks till you get some miles in your legs that you do not injure yourself.

    Good luck,

    vilen13 on #15974

    Hi Scott,
    Does it make a different if i split longer run to two times? Especially the mid week ones .

    beth on #16220

    Am I reading the Hill Sprints in the plan wrong?

    Is it really “2 sets 4 x 10″ sprints” as in “two sets of 4 ten inch sprints”? I know the notes say not to discount the shortness of the sprints but it would seem hard to reach a sprint in ten inches…

    Aaron on #16222

    ‘=minutes, “=seconds

    Anonymous on #16273

    @Vilen: Breaking the long workout into 2 shorter ones will not be as effective.

    : The (‘) symbol is used to designate feet when speaking of distance and minutes in the context of time and arc minutes in astronomy. The (“) symbol is used to designate inches when speaking of length, seconds when speaking of time and arc seconds in astronomy.

    Context matters……


    beth on #16276

    But of course.

    Way to go, me.

    Anonymous on #16329


    No biggie. Lots of people make this mistake and it is a silly artifact of nomenclature. Someone else wrote me an email a while back and his knickers were truly in a knot over this. I was taken aback. Having an engineering/science background I’d taken these conventions for granted without ever checking: “Oh NO! I was taught wrong and I’ve been using the wrong symbols in professional papers and in my writing for decades”.

    A bit of Googling showed that indeed there are a multitude of uses for the prime (‘) and double prime (“) symbols in conventional use, even beyond the ones I listed.

    I informed my twisted knicker emailer that we have bigger issues in life than this to get wound up about. I mean he was quite incensed. So your comments I found cute and could easily have been tongue in cheek and I chuckled: Ten inch hill sprints….That is pretty funny.


    trailwrecked on #16604

    For the “Z3 Uphill Intervals”, the plan states that you can do ME-workouts instead if you don’t have any long steep hills. I live in an area with several smaller hills (most of them take only 2-4 minutes to climb at Z3-pace), could it be an alternative to constantly run up and down theese smaller hills during an interval (e.g. up and down for 10 minutes then 2 minutes recovery, and so on), or am I just better off doing the ME-workouts?

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