MET protocol with Incline Treadmill

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    So I bought a used PNoE test platform (yes I’m blessed). Great system, easy to use. However I am having trouble with the protocol. I tried to follow the UA Lab Guidelines V2. However I just can’t get my heart rate up enough before I feel like I’m gonna fall off my machine and crash. My normal workout is on a Nordictrack Incline Treadmill. I have 20% bodyweight in my pack (35lbs) and to get to my target heart rate (140ish) I have the treadmill at 17% and 2MPH. To get to the top of my AnT I would need to be at about 20% at 2MPH. Now the UA protocol calls for fixed 10% incline and a gradual increase of speed. I tried that and almost killed myself. I really can’t run very fast (64 years old) and by the time I got to about 4MPH I was holding on to the handles and almost fell off without hitting my AeT let alone AnT. So I tried it with my pack on (35lbs) walking and got closer but still too dangerous for me. The protocol states “In 3-minute stages, the intensity is increased but without? an increase in the incline of the treadmill”. I don’t think of myself as very fit, so I must be doing something wrong. The test protocol states “The actual incline isn’t important so long as it’s between 10% and 25%” but I feel like at 20% as a starting incline I will go through my AeT way too fast, but lower than that I will never get to my AnT before I crash and burn. PnoE has a mixed protocol where you start with speed increases and then go to incline increases. Tried that but got very confusing results (an inconsistent slope in the RER so the AnT at RER of 1 was very hard to determine). Look I know I am lucky to have my own GET so I may not get any sympathy but any suggestions would be very help full. Thanks in advance.

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