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    Hi Thomas,
    I’m on the big vert program currently.

    I have a slight popping sensation in my left anterior meniscus area, some stiffness, no swelling, no acute pain when I press the area. Slight lack of stability. Pain when running is present, mainly on the down hill, but not sharp enough to worry me greatly. It’s not stopping me from wanting to run. Generally I find that I get most pain after a rest day, and on my long runs it fades in and out of being present, the last long run it only showed itself on some technical downhill after 3hrs and went away quickly.

    In previous years I would have trained through the pain, however now I’m trying to be more mindful of my body. During this rest week I have noticed it a little more than my last loading week. I’m wondering how cautious I need to be here? For me it feels like something which could go either way. I’d go and see a physio for some advice, however due to current COVID regulations that’s not possible.

    I will see how things are on my long run tomorrow and through the week. How long would a proscribed rest period be? Is there anything I can do to target recovery in this area? I was feeling strong in my last loading week and hoping to carry that forward.

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #52222

    Hi Oliver!

    Why do you think that it is the meniscus? Did you have any injury in this knee? How old are you? I would doubt that it is really the meniscus. Your intention of seeing a physio was good, to clarify what the problem is. Any chance of seeing an orthopedic/sportsmed doc?
    How do you feel the lack of stability? I would target that with specific strength training like squats and stepups. Do them in front of a mirror, or with someone to correct you, and focus on good form. Also, balance training would be a good thing. Again with good form and a straight leg axis.
    I wouldn’t prescribe a rest period. It looks like you can handle it well at the moment. As long as it is not getting worse, I would continue with training. But be very careful and honest with yourself. And ad the strength training. See how it progresses. If you are short on time better skip a run instead of some strength or balance training.

    I hope that helps!?

    Have a great weekend and a satisfying long run!

    oliver.heyes on #53468

    Hi Thomas,

    I read your reply at the time and saw a physio. It was not a tear, just some irritation of the meniscal cartilage. I was advised to make a slight change to how I did the skaters (crab stepping with a band). This seemed to do the trick. I also started additional work on my left glutes, and slowed down some of my exercises. I missed a couple of runs in the week but still hit my long runs and did the ME. All good now, just need to remember that my left glutes are a little lazy.

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