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    I know Keith had similar questions on this topic. @Mark based on our emails I moved my Z3 ME workout to the hill behind my house. The uphill grade is over 20% so I think it is steep enough for the desired effect now. I just did a test yesterday:

    Whoah, I was toast after about 45 minutes… I had a 50lb pack and my Sportiva boots on and went as hard as i could.
    Should I reduce the pace in order to hit the time? I am sure i could get 90 minutes if I went slower OR should I goes as long as I can as that is the training effect I am looking to improve?
    I had to do intervals because it is not a long uphill section.
    My heart rate was up in the 180 range for some parts so pretty sure above AnT but I have not done the test yet.
    I will not be able to make today’s Zoom due to work conflict so putting the questions here.


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    MarkPostle on #67909

    Hill looks decent and weight should be OK. I would chop the pace for sure such that you can build up to a total of 90 min and each round trip segment is roughly equal in time/pace. Once you get to where that is achievable then look at your total “up” time. Ideally progress the workout duration so that the total up time is about 60 min. (I.e. 8 laps of 7+ min up) Once that feels OK then consider progressing the weight possibly. The perceived effort will be hard the first few laps but by no means 100% so that you can maintain for the duration of the workout. The last lap should feel darn hard. Don’t worry to much about HR for now.

    Steve on #67922

    Thanks Mark.

    I will adjust and see what that looks like.


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