ME workouts with or without poles?

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    I have a discussion with one of my team mates about this question. ME workouts (uphill sprints and Z3 ME intervals) must be done with or without poles? And also, when you say “bounding”, always means “ski bounding”, or literally bounding, jumping…
    thanks! and congratulations for the new book! it’ s really fantastic!!

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    Anonymous on #30004

    Hey Jaume,

    Great question – the choice to use poles mainly depends on what your sport requires. Are you training for skimo? If so, i would definitely advocate the poles, as they help regulate foot cadence and apply a small load to the arms throughout, not to mention it looks more like skiing than without them.

    Similarly, when you think about the bounding motion, the more you can make it look like an explosive version of your sport, the better. In the case of skimo or even running, using a bounding technique wherein you have a very high force application in a short ground contact period is best.

    Hope that helps,

    jaumeotero on #30114

    Thanks Sam!
    I agree with you,poles helps to keep balance and also to work the upper body,but as the uphill sprints are mainly to work the lower part, perhaps it would be better to work witwithout poles. In my experience I also find that it is easier for my legs to complete this kind of workouts with poles,and practically they become Z4 intervals rather than ME uphill sprints.I mean that then, my heart puts the limit and not the legs.
    Thank you again!

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