ME workout duration in a book Uphill Athlete

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    I have a question about ME workpout duration. Based on my calculation it takes more than 5 hours. Is that correct?
    Warm up 20 min
    6×10 Box Step (both legs) 10 min
    6×10 Front Lunge 10 min
    6×10 Split Squat Jump 10 min
    6×10 Squat Jump 9 min
    1 workout 39 min

    8 workouts 5h 12min
    TOTAL: 5h 30min

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    dauwhe on #21312

    Each workout is separated by “as much as ten days.” You don’t do all of them on the same day.

    Leivo on #21313

    Uhh, thanks man.
    This wasn’t clear at all because english is not my first language.

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