Making Killer Core Harder?

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    Hi there, I am starting the max strength for a mountaineering training program. I also boulder, so I find core training to be extremely helpful and want to ensure I am making it hard enough! I have a few questions about making the core circuit harder:

    I am doing the hardest killer core exercises (for me). I just wanted to check that I am progressing them correctly. I am just doing one ‘warmup’ core set for the max strength workout:

    Bar wipers- add weight to feet (boots, med ball etc), progress to around the worlds
    L hangs- same as above
    L sits- increase duration/add a weight vest or weight on lap?
    2pt- add weight on the back (plate) or weight vest?

    I enjoy the kayaker and the side plank twist/press (I don’t do them dynamically). However, I have found that using a heavy weight for me (~55# db for kayaker, ~35# db for side plank press for the ~6 rep zone) almost makes the exercise more taxing for the arms than the core- is there a better way to progress these, or should I drop them?

    I am also wondering about the killer core exercises I have moved on from. I will occasionally do them as a warmup, but am wondering if I should be doing some form of them, or if my hardest 4 core exercises are enough. I guess I don’t want any core ‘blind spots’, if that makes sense. Also, is it enough to only do one set of the max strength core? I find it to be a good way to ‘active rest’ between sets.

    Sorry for the question barrage, and thanks in advance for any helpful answers!


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    Jane Mackay on #85623

    Hi Max,
    Apologies for the late reply.
    I discussed your question with coach Pedro Carvalho and he said that because the specificity of your question requires taking into account changes in the exercises, analysis of your posture while doing them and other individual factors, the best thing would be to book a video consultation with a coach. We want to make sure you’re not setting yourself up for injury.

    RunnerNo16 on #86309

    Did this discussion progress further? I would be interested in various core exercises that can be done regularly. I would be grateful if I could get a video on this.

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