Long Aerobic base run – Mike Foote's Big Vert Plan

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    I’m in week 3 of Mike Foote’s Big Vert plan and have a question on the long aerobic base runs. If the run should contain roughly 40-50% of the week’s distance and vertical then I should have about 5000 vertical feet. However, I live in northeast US and for this kind of vert I have to repeat the same peaks (ie, in week 2 i did same peak 3x for a total of 2500 ft). At that time I could wear microspikes, but now there is deep snow so this is not runnable, and I’m not training for mountaineering. What are my options to stay on track? Long treadmill run on incline or stairmaster? Is climbing up/down easy 5.8 with no recovery a good substitue? Thanks for any input!

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    Yeah this is always tricky for runners living in snowy mountains. For us it is always a late start to running season. I recommend doing these runs on a treadmill/stair master combo if possible. This can break up the boredom. Get some good pod casts :-). Even fine to make the workout a mix of out door running and these indoor machines.

    I don’t think doing laps on 5.8 will be the best substitute.


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