Living close to mtns – Training adjustments?

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    This question came to mind after reading one of Scott’s replies in another thread:

    Scott, you had mentioned that TftNA was written with the assumption that most of its readers would not have easy access to mountain terrain for training and therefore, the training program reflects some adjustments/compensations for that.

    So…for those who are fortunate enough to live close to the mountains (ex. Vancouver), are there any adjustments we can consider for our training programs?
    I assume “use mountain terrain whenever possible vs treadmills or stairs” will apply as broadly as possible. Just curious if there were any other “behind the scene” considerations that may have been excluded for the “smaller mountain town readership?”

    Scott & Steve:
    It was great meeting you both last night! I had a blast and continued to learn a great deal throughout the talk 🙂
    And all good on the joking/razzing, I was laughing with you all 😀

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    Anonymous on #21991


    Likewise. it was fun to meet so many of the UA tribe while we were on this book tour last week. Thanks for your contribution to that great energy.

    There are no “secrets” for those living in or near mountainous terrain. You assumed correctly that the main adjustments we typically make are to shift folks to hiking/running/climbing on machines in a gym rather than on real terrain.

    Count your blessings 🙂

    Shashi on #36872

    Terry – I live in Metro Vancouver and just joined UA. I am following the 24 week mountaineering plan and would love to connect with you sometime. I didn’t see an option to send a message to you on UA. If it is okay, can you please share your contact details? My email is


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