Lactate Testing on Treadmill Results

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    With the help of my wonderful partner, I was able to complete my first lactate test on a treadmill using the lactate plus. I believe my results make sense, but I figured I would post here just to confirm…
    Test proceeded as such, woke up at 5am took a test as soon as I woke up (2.0- so high!), then got on the treadmill for a 20 min low HR warm up at around 120bpm. Around this HR my lactate steadily lowered down to 1.2 where it started to pickup once the intensity started. Lactate rose steadily to 1.8 at ~155BPM then dropped to 1.6 at ~160BPM- this was the only confusing part of the result. I believe this is due to the majority of my training taking place at this target HR (my previous threshold from the HR drift test).
    After this, it rose to 1.9 at a HR of 165 then went over 2.0 by 170.
    From these results, I will set my aerobic threshold for training at 165 to be safe.

    Is the dip/flattening normal around where you train the most, in my case 160, normal?

    Other things:
    Treadmill set at 10% grade
    Length of each intensity stage was 5 mins w the results being read at the end of the 5 mins, then bumping the pace up.

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    Thanks for writing in with your question. Looks like the test was performed very well. Kudos to your partner. It is not easy to get good samples. The early decrease in lactate is due to the aerobic system gradually coming on line. This is why it so important to get a good warm up, not just in testing but in training. The aerobic engine takes a long time to get to firing on all 12 cylinders. You are exactly right about the dip at 160. You are more economical at that pace/HR so the lactate drops.

    Nice work!

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