Korr CardioCoach Testing 2nd attempt

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    Apologies for the duplicate post; my last one got messed up and I could not successfully edit it.

    In any case, I had a Korr CardioCoach RMR and VO2max test done by a local triathlon coach and got the following results:

    RER: 0.74 (I think this indicates decent fat burning at rest)
    RMR: 1527 kcal per day (low)
    AeT: 123 bpm
    MEP: 137-139 bpm
    AnT: 158 bpm

    The vo2max test had short intervals (I know this is not great for endurance measurements) so I am trying to figure out where I really need to be training. 123BPM requires really slow running/walking and very low power on the bike. Garmin and other devices indicate Z2 as low 140’s based on HRR and MAF is 134 (46 yo male).

    I know I have ADS but my biggest question is which HR to use for training purposes. 123 is SUPER slow and easy. 130’s to low 140’s requires walking and running but cardiac drift remains below 5%.

    Any thoughts on strategy would be appreciated.


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    Svprx on #81895

    bumping this up to see if anyone is willing to help me decipher z2 with the numbers provided above.

    thank you

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