keeping in transitional or base phase?

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    I has been in transitional week for 3 months, and reaching around 60km 3000m+ of trail running and hiking each week. since all my trail race/ mountaineering trip were all postponed to later of the year, I wonder if I should move on to the base training or keep the distance and stay in transitional week as maintenance?

    I am thinking if there would be too much mileage if I keep adding the mileage according to the maths stated in the base training week… or I should continue build up my base by adding something other than running/ hiking?


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    It depends what you’re training for. Although most organized races have been cancelled or postponed, is there a personal objective that you could replace them with?

    If you’re using our books to train with, you can adjust your plan according to the recommendations and relative to your goal(s).

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