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    Just wanted to start a thread here for tomorrows Zoom. We have had quite a few questions around strength training and thought this might be a good thing to dig into a bit deeper. It is a complex and individual training mode for mountaineering/endurance athletes for sure. Feel free to post questions here if you have them especially if you can’t make the Zoom in person. See you there!

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    mattmay3s on #61590

    Chamfit – seems a big jump from Level 2 to 3 eg full depth pistol squats in 3 but no pistol squats in 2. Advice if 2 seems relatively easy but 3 seems too hard?

    mhsc on #61595

    Should female athletes, who weigh less than men, carry a higher percentage of their body weight during training hikes?

    For example, on a 20% BW hike, should females carry 25%-30% BW instead?

    We will all be carrying the same amount of gear during our actual climbs regardless of gender and body weight differences.

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