Involvement of different muscles @ skimountaineering

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    Hi Thomas et Al.,

    Yesterday, I did an extended skitour. After the skitour I had problems to stand fully upright (little hip hinge all the time). I felt that tightness very often before but this was a new level (that tightness actually impairs my skiing abilities downhill). What helped a little, is to stretch the Iliacus at the summit.

    Is this Iliacus? Psoas? Quadratus Lumborum?

    Is there a way to reduce the tightness during skitour?

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    Thomas Summer, MD on #61991

    looks like you got tight iliopsoas!? maybe too much forward lean when going uphill?

    Dada on #61999

    Thx Thomas!

    Hm, that existing track was set way too steep, that is correct.

    Not sure if I can change the forward lean though.

    The same happened to me during freeriding in Fieberbrunn yesterday. I paid attention to my stretching afterwards. Stretching Iliacus helped to stand upright, but there was still a subtle pull on my abdomen. After stretching Psoas, it was fine.

    One other thing I discovered, after uphill I have a significant belly. Could this be caused through an anterior pelvic tilt I get during skitouring?


    Thomas Summer, MD on #62288

    Do you use a Steighilfe (sorry to all non German speaking people, but I don’t know the english word)? That will even increase the pelvis tilt.
    I would recommend stretching the calves and hamstrings. And strengthening back and glutes.


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