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    Hello all!
    I’m new to the forum! I’ve been training for a number of years, mostly cycling but recently converted to running.

    Recently bought TftUA, and purchased an Uphill Athlete Marathon plan, integrated to TrainingPeaks.

    Just nearing the end of week 1 and although early days, really enjoying it! I was OK at cycling, could easily manage 4-5hour rides, but it’s surprising and humbling just how slow I have to run to train at AeT. But I’ve had a good week and managed to complete most training in Z2.

    I’m a sports nutritionist by trade, just nearing the end of my PhD – where we’ve investigated the gastrointestinal responses to heat and exercise, so hopefully I can contribute to the forum.

    Good to e-meet you all!

    My social media handles are:

    twitter: stephensmithPN
    instagram: ssperformancenutrition

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    Anonymous on #26649


    Thanks for writing in to us. We’ll post an article of specific interest to you professionally very soon. Keep your eyes out. The transition from a none weight bearing sprt like cycling to running often causes consternation. You have good central adaptations but do not yet have good peripheral adaptions specific to running. Those will come. Just be cautious abotu adding running volume to replace cycling or you may find yourself in a few weeks. Running is not easy on the body like cycling is.

    Good luck and welcome.


    stephensmith on #26660

    Thanks Scott, happy to help where I can.

    It would make sense for the weight bearing to play a part, I’m 95 kgs (lean), so it’s a bit of mass to shift!

    Learning a lot from the Marathon plan in terms of building up the volume specifically. In the past I have self-coached and would have increased the volume at a much steeper rate.


    Anonymous on #66100

    Hello all!
    My self Roman Hardy and I from the United States. I’m new to the forum!

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