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Intermediate to advanced rock climbing plan

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    Im interested in the intermediate to advanced rock climbing plan however i have an unusual pattern of work.

    I work offshore on a 3 week on 3 weeks at home pattern which means for 3 weeks at a time i have absolutely no access to climbing aside from portable fingerboard. There is however a pretty good gym with TRX.

    Is there something that could be done as a substitute for the unavailability of being able to climb whilst offshore?



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    Anonymous on #8722


    Believe it or not we have had a number of off shore workers ask about training. Yours is a challenging but not impossible schedule. None of our stock plans will work with your schedule. They are all designed for a more linear progression in training load. That’s the classic style of periodization. In your case what you should consider is what’s called block periodization. In this style you would training with a certain focus for 3 weeks and then shift focus for the next 3 weeks. You can alternate these 3 weeks blocks and build a gradual progression that way. The things you training in each 3 week block will support harder/more training in the subsequent 3 weeks.

    While off shore you can use those weeks to focus on a hang board progression 2x/week and more general/core strength. Then when on shore focus on longer more moderate routes 2-3 days/week to build endurance, 1-2 bouldering/max strength workouts/week with one general /core strength workout.

    This approach has worked well for a number of folks with similar schedules.


    Jdwhittaker on #9137

    Thanks Scott,

    I will give that a go.



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